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REPORT: DETROIT SHARIA FGM-DOCTOR Mutilated Girls Far Worse Than She Admits

Over 500,000 women and girls in the US have undergone the barbaric and religiously motivated practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), it is rising, it is a threat, and very little is being done about it.

If you want to know how little is being done to prevent it (or eradicate it as should be happening), just look at the amount of media attention was gained when a Doctor in Detroit was arrested for carrying out the “procedure” on two young girls. There are HALF A MILLION people in the US who have had this done, yet the only story is about a doctor who “cut” 2 girls. It is being ignored and swept under the carpet because it is a Religious (cultural) practice that nowadays is almost exclusive to Muslims.

Of course, our politicians would not want to offend any Muslim people over this brutal act, so they keep quiet and use euphemisms when discussing it, all to hide the fact that the majority of Muslims support the sexual butchery of young girls. In majority Muslim nations, it is often the case where more than 80% of the Muslim females undergo FGM. And they cite the reasons as being either cultural or religion based.

When mass immigration comes to a country’s shores, there is very little integration, and this means that cultural and religious practices often hang around in communities. Don’t be fooled by the outrage over this one case…It is happening every single day in cities across America, and the local government knows it all too well.

As the further news came out that initial reports of the damage done to these poor girls were vastly understated, did the Feminists of the US come out and demand action? No, of course, they didn’t. Because they don’t actually care about women at all. They care about Donald Trump not being in power.

Female Genital Mutilation is horrendous and literally scars a young girl forever. It’s a tradition in the Muslim world to keep the girl from becoming sexually promiscuous…Idiotic reasoning! The young girl’s outer genitalia is removed in the severest practice where only a small hole is left so the girl can urinate. We’d like to know where the so-called feminists are and why they don’t cry out in protest for these poor young girls. Where is the National Organization for Women aka NOW? Shame on them for not speaking out against this!

Two Detroit doctors are in hot water for participating in this terrible practice…You won’t believe it but the prison sentence for this is just 5 years maximum! Can you believe that?

Here’s an update on the facts in the case:

The Detroit Free Press reported Thursday that documents obtained by the paper show much more serious mutilation of Dr. Jumana Nagarwala’s alleged victims’ genitals than the doctor admitted to.

The arrests of Dr. Nagarwala and two others last week represents the first federal female genital mutilation(FGM) investigation in United States history. FGM is common in the Islamic world, particularly in Africa. According to UNICEF, 98% of Somali girls and 87% of Egyptians have endured the procedure. FGM involves removing varying amounts of the victim’s — usually a pre-pubescent girl — clitoris, labia majoria, and labia minora. In its most extreme form, the victim is “infibulated,” having virtually all her external genitalia removed and being sown up, leaving her with only a tiny hole from which to urinate and menstruate.

Nagarwala’s attorney, Shannon Smith, claimed in her initial court hearing that no cutting of the seven-year-old alleged victims took place and that excess skin was simply scrapped off to be buried in a religious ceremony. The Free Press, however, reports that documents they reviewed show the injuries to the two Minnesota girls’ genitals were “much more severe” than Nagarwala is claiming.

Previously unheard of in the United States, the criminal complaints against the three suspects in this Michigan-based conspiracy to commit FGM — Nagarwala, Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, and his wife, Farida Attar — describe them as members of a “particular religious and cultural community.” That community has since been revealed as the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim sect, a branch of Shi’ite Islam popular in India, Pakistan, and East Africa. The worldwide leader of that sect, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, has repeatedly called for the tradition of FGM to continue, describing it, according to a State Department report, as an “act of religious purity” and “a religious obligation for all women and girls.”
According to the complaints, the alleged victims in this case were brought by their parents, in what was described to them as a “special girls trip,” all the way from Minnesota to Dr. Attar’s Burhani Medical Center in Livonia, Michigan. The girls, who are not related, were allegedly told the cutting was needed to “get the germs out” and that they were not to tell anyone about what happened to them.

One of the victims told the FBI she screamed in pain as she Dr. Nargawala operated between her legs and that she was barely able to walk as she left the clinic. According to the complaint, Doctors working with the FBI found that both seven-year-olds’ genitals were “abnormal looking” with “scar tissue” and “small healing lacerations.”

Authorities believe many more than these two girls have been mutilated by this suburban Detroit FGM operation. Evidence suggests girls have been being brought to Michigan from around the midwest to undergo the gruesome operation since at least 2005. According to the complaint, several Michigan girls have complained to authorities that they were mutilated by Dr. Nargawala in Dr. Attar’s clinic.

Authorities believe Nargawala came on weekends to the Burhani clinic to perform FGM separately from her weekday job as an emergency room doctor at Detriot’s Henry Ford hospital. In her interview with the FBI, Farida Attar, the clinic owner’s wife, claimed Nargawala came to their clinic to see six to nine girls a year.

The defendants will face up to five years in federal prison for each count of FGM in this first case, in a wider push to eradicate the barbaric Islamic practice from America.

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