REPORT: 4 Out of 5 American’s LOVED Trump’s Speech

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Chuck Schumer was quick to jump on any network that would have to so he could bash Trump’s epic speech last night.  He mumbled the usual democratic talking points to the amused TV hosts who all thought Trump hit a home run.

Schumer wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t say anything nice about Trump’s unifying message. Not until CNN showed him the numbers of their latest poll. Schumer quickly shut up and hasn’t been seen since.

CNN conducted a poll after President Donald Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening. Much to their chagrin, the poll showed four out of five Americans had a “positive reaction” to the speech.

The poll surveyed 509 respondents and has a 4.5% margin of error. The poll showed that 57% had a “very positive” reaction to the speech, while 21% had a “somewhat positive” reaction, adding up to 78% “positive” overall.

Only 21% of those who watched the speech had a “negative” reaction. Mainly the few democrats left in Congress who sat frowning through most of the evening as Trump hit a home run.

69% of viewers thought that the speech “would move the country in the right direction.” Only 26% said it would move the country “in the wrong direction.”

Prior to the speech, 58% said they expected the speech to move the country in the right direction, meaning that the speech was a hit and had a massive positive impact on viewers.

69% said that the speech made then more optimistic about the country, while only 28% said it made them more pessimistic.

CNN said,

“On specific issues, Trump scored the highest marks for his proposed policies on the economy, with 72% saying those went in the right direction. Almost as many, 70%, said the same about his terrorism proposals. Slightly fewer, but still a majority, felt his policies on taxes (64%), immigration (62%) or health care (61%) were heading in the right direction.”

“Ideologically, about two-thirds saw Trump’s speech as about right, while roughly one-quarter (26%) pegged it as too conservative. Just 8% said it wasn’t conservative enough.”

When CNN finally admits the truth about Trump even Chuck Schumer notices he is the odd man out.

Via: WNP