When this ‘REDNECK’ Stepped on Stage The Judges LAUGHED. Seconds Later, He Left Them in TEARS.

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It is not often that judges and audiences are shocked by what they hear on America’s Got Talent, but on this occasion, the singer quite literally moved some viewers to tears. The old adage that looks can be deceiving certainly turned out to be true for the talented chicken farmer from Kentucky.

The singer who shook the judges so badly was none other than Kevin Skinner, and today he is one of America’s best-loved country music singer. From most people believing he would be buzzed straight away to sweeping not only the audience, but also the nation along with him, to winning the fourth America’s Got Talent show, Kevin has shown the world that you really can’t judge a book by its cover.


His debut album “Long Ride” was released in 2010 to critical acclaim and he has a lot of steadfast follower who enjoy his unique takes on established songs.

If you’re not familiar with Kevin’s music, check out the video to experience what the judges and audience did in his first television performance: