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RED ALERT!!! Right Before Leaving James Comey Told Senator Grassley a Secret About Trump…Democrats Lied!

In a groundbreaking (and to the Democrats, upsetting) statement from Senator Chuck Grassley, the truth behind the Russian Collusion investigation has just come out. According to Grassley, in a conversation with FBI Director Comey (just before he was fired) said that President Trump “WAS NOT” the subject of the FBI’s Russia Investigation!

But as we know, an investigation is happening, so the question remains…Who is the subject of the Russia Investigation?

It seems unlikely that if it were members of Trump’s Cabinet or Campaign team, Trump would not have known about it and therefore been the “subject of the investigation”. So we can probably assume that the investigation is aimed at the other side.

We know from other sources that the whole Russian hacking thing was floated by Podesta and Clinton directly after they lost. Are they being investigated for making the whole thing up, or is there perhaps something more sinister taking place? Were they, in fact, trying to shift the attention away from themselves because of involvement with other nations that THEY may have had?

Until they drag Clinton, Podesta and Abadin into a court room, questions will still be asked. It has been long enough. Let’s get some JUSTICE!

The Democrats are gonna be FUMING when they see that massive secret that James Comey told Senator Chuck Grassley right before leaving.

Today he released a statement on his Senate website that changes everything:

Comey told Senator Grassley that President Trump was NOT the subject of the FBI’s Russia investigation.

Grassley said,

“On Tuesday, the President’s letter said that Director Comey told him he was not under investigation. Senator Feinstein and I heard nothing that contradicted the President’s statement.”

That’s great news and, considering he IS the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, pretty darn reliable. He heard it directly from Comey himself just a few weeks back.

So, if it’s not Trump they are investigating, WHO was behind the Russian stuff? Was it Michael Flynn? Or maybe even Hillary Clinton herself?

The important thing here is that this proves the Democrats were 100% wrong for saying he fired James Comey to cover for Russia. I’d say Senator Grassley would know way more than some “anonymous” source anyways.

H/T: Liberty Writers



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