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The Welfare Bill in the United States has rocketed dramatically over the last decade. More people are claiming benefits and the National Debt just keeps rising. But one of the most shocking aspects of this welfare dependancy is the lack of successful prosecutions that take place.

Typically, the most common punishment for welfare fraud on any scale is the stopping of benefits. Yes, that’s right. Many welfare abusers simply stop having benefits paid to them.The second most common punishment is the cessation of welfare followed by a fine for “part” of the monies fraudulently claimed. It’s not enough.

In recent years, whole communities have slipped into a state where the majority of younger people if not in education claim some kind of benefit. It is not only a drain on public resources, but it also pits the community against a spiral of dependency from which few can ever escape.

If we really want to end welfare dependency in ghettos, two things need to happen. The first is to properly punish those who make fraudulent claims (or are not actively seeking real employment). And the second is to create not just jobs, but a culture of work. Companies could be offered tax relief for opening up factories in deprived areas. They could offset expenses against future earning thus creating available jobs. Something needs to be done, before this “culture of dependency” effects other parts of the nation.

Check out the video below for a funny view of what’s been happening in welfare recently (applause to the comedienne).

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