POLL:Trey Gowdy Rips Apart A Pro-Illegal US Immigration Official On Live TV And I Can’t Stop Cheering. Do You Think Trey Gowdy Deserves a TOP JOB? - Freedom's Final Stand

POLL:Trey Gowdy Rips Apart A Pro-Illegal US Immigration Official On Live TV And I Can’t Stop Cheering. Do You Think Trey Gowdy Deserves a TOP JOB?

Trey Gowdy has shown yet again that he is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Instead of allowing an immigration activist to use a blanket call for citizenship for 1  million illegal migrants, he takes her apart and makes the point that there are many sub-groups in that 1  million figure. There are people who have committed felonies, multiiple misdemeanors, and of course children who were brought to America who had no criminal intent.

He really hands it to her and asks her if those convicted of Domestic Abuse should be classed in the same group as children who have been brought to the US. 

He argues well and his points are clearly made. Not only that, but he graciously thanks the activists for attending and putting their points across and adding to the debate (even though he points out that he disagrees with them).

Trey Gowdy is a class act. If the President gave him a more senior role in government when his term ends, I think we could all get behind him!

Once again, Trey Gowdy proves that having him on our side is going to help win the fight on illegal immigration.

There are countless people who consider themselves “warriors” in the fight against illegal immigration. Some even disguise themselves as immigration officials. That’s exactly what’s going on here.

This liberal US Immigration official is arguing that the 12 million illegal immigrants should have a clear path to citizenship in this country. Rep. Gowdy shuts her down instantly and expertly.

This is epic.

The problem with the left is that they think that every illegal immigrant is attempting to escape the poverty of Mexico. That’s not true at all. Illegal immigration costs the United States hundreds of billions of dollars every single year. It bring in drug trafficking and crime. To say that ever illegal in the US is here for a benevolent reason is pure ignorance. This is what Gowdy is attempting to get through here.

You cannot lump all illegal immigrants into one category, it just doesn’t work like that. It’s not fair for the millions of Hispanics that waited, went through the process the correct way, and got their citizenship they way it should be done. Every illegal immigrant that comes in is a slap to the face to those who truly want to be here.

The left will never tell you that part.


H/T: Yes, I’m Right



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