POLL: Should The US Defund The UN?

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Israel’s ambassador to the United States on Monday slammed the United Nations Security Council’s adoption of a resolution opposing Jewish settlements in occupied territory, suggesting the incoming Trump administration and Congress should take a close look at how much money the U.S. hands over to the U.N.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Special Report,” Ambassador Ron Dermer also doubled down on Israel’s claim the U.S. orchestrated the resolution vote before abstaining last week. Still, he gave few specifics. “We have that evidence… we’re going to present it to the new administration, and if they choose to share it with the American people, that’ll be their choice.”

Dermer called the U.N. a “cesspool” of anti-Israel and anti-American activity, and said Israel appreciated that President-elect Donald Trump called the vote a mistake. After the vote, Trump vowed that “things will be different after Jan. 20th.”

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