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POLL: Ted Cruz Announces Major “Term Limits” Bill. Do You Support?

In many countries around the world, the bane of politics is the “career politicians” who stay in their seats for so long, that they feel they have a God-given right to be there. They become gradually more out of touch with the common people and in almost every case end up looking out for the interests of others (as opposed to those who elect them).

The only way of stopping this rot at the heart of government is to apply “fixed term limits”. It is being considered in the UK (by major UKIP donor Arron Banks) and in the USA, former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is putting it on the table. He has announced a new bill that would , if passed, limit Senate members to two six-year terms, and House members to three two-yer terms.

When this is combined with Donald Trump’s orders on non-lobbying connections, it may just begin the Draining of the Swamp.

When lawmakers only have a certain period of time in which to cement their legacies, chances are that they will be looking out for the people that elected them, or at least trying to leave the State better off then when they got in.


It is always nice to see a true conservative flex his muscles, and that is why Ted Cruz is a friend of every patriot. Ted Cruz is ready to help President Trump drain the swamp.

Finally, we can start to see the hope and change Obama promised us. Ted Cruz recently announced a bill that would limit members of the Senate to two six-year terms and House lawmakers to three two-year terms.  (via Personal Liberty)

It will be entertaining to watch the swamp go into panic mode. The strategy is clear: if you are against this bill, you are part of the swamp. This will force the swamp-dwellers to expose themselves. Any politician who votes against this bill should be removed from office.

This is just what our country needs, and we can expect President Trump to get behind this bill. The Democrats will try to push back against this bill, and the establishment will cringe.



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