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POLL: Would You Support Sheriff David Clarke As Trump’s New FBI Director?

The FBI is in the middle of a Reputational Crisis; its integrity is suffering through poor leadership and partisan politics and what’s needed is a change so drastic that there is no connection to the previous administration’s holdovers. Any new appointment needs to be free from taint, but also not “a nobody”. The new FBI director should have strength, integrity and a track record of being tough on crime….Who better than Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke?

Clarke is a very public figure who is unafraid of stating an unpopular opinion if it happens to be the truth. It is difficult to imagine Clarke leaking documents behind someone’s back; it is more likely that he would call out dishonesty in a live press conference. He has handled himself well in front of Congressional Committees and can deal with MSM reporters with ease (two very key skills for an FBI director).

He is a consummate public speaker who can rally crowds (as he did at the Republican Convention in the video below), and he has a long history of being tough on crime and excuses for crime.

But what is more important, is not what he is, but what he isn’t. He isn’t tainted by partisan politics, he isn’t in thrall to an agenda that threatens the safety of Americans. He isn’t tied to a candidate or to political sponsors, and most importantly, he isn’t afraid to speak the truth.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff is one of the nation’s favorites. He supported Donald Trump from the beginning and has never been afraid of the Liberal Left Media. He is calm, collected and reasonable, and what’s more, he knows his facts. In his calm manner, he destroys MSM commentators with knowledge and calling out their hypocrisy.

When Donald Trump campaigned on a platform of Law and Order, the rumour mill was rife with ideas about who he would enlist to help him in one of the greatest struggles this country faces. Very few people could have wished for a better result than David Clarke.

Clarke has a long history of standing up for the values of the United States, and the freedoms that we are afforded by being part of a Soveriegn nation. He stands up to hateful ideologies like Black Lives Matter, is one of the few people who will stand up for Police Officers around the country, and is almost a lone voice in condemning black on black crime.

The Trump Administration is starting to line up into an all-star team, with people like Sheriff Clarke, Trey Gowdy and others protecting our country, we can start to think about a real future for this country.



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