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POLL: Do You Support ARRESTING Hillary Clinton For Her Crimes?

To many people it is almost unbelievable that the Clintons are not already in jail. They have lied, cheated and stolen there way through political careers spanning decades and to date, have not been punished for their multiple crimes.

Here is a brief rundown of charges that could be brought:

  • Hillary used a non-secure, non-authorized server which allowed thousands of emails to end up in the wrong hands.
  • The Clinton Foundation robbed the people of Haiti of billions of dollars in relief money (and Haitians are protesting this still).
  • The DNC staffer, Seth Rich, who was murdered after leaking over 40,000 emails.
  • Colluding with Loretta Lynch and James Comey to make scandals disappear.
  • Accepting money from countries that sponsor terrorism.

And of course there are many, many more. But the problem is, that others were involved in their crimes, and these people are still in power. They are staffers, Secretaries, Heads of department…they are the real Deep State and they will not allow the Clintons to be punished for their crimes.

If we cannot or will not bring people to justice due to their power and influence, then this country is broken. No one should be above the law. Especially those who work for us, the people.

After over four decades of political scandals, the Clintons have amazingly remained unscathed. That’s just not right…

The Clinton crime family has made their fortune by selling their political influence to the highest bidder. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician in recent history, and she needs to be tried to send a message to the establishment.

We encourage President to swiftly appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton as soon as a new FBI Director is sworn in.

The Clinton crime family has been plagued by scandal since they first rose to political prominence in the early 1980s, when Bill was elected governor of Arkansas.

Before making it to the White House, the Clintons were already deep in corruption. As Bill was gaining political power, Hillary was scheming with shady real estate investors, culminating in the Whitewater scandal.

The investigations into Whitewater concluded after years of digging. Fifteen people were arrested and charged with over 40 crimes. The Clintons somehow made it through the scandal without facing any charges.

The Whitewater deals were unquestionably corrupt. Bill Clinton signed a law as governor of Arkansas in 1987, expanding branch banking to support his wife’s investments. The themes of Whitewater would continue to be repeated in  scandal after scandal, with clear wrongdoing discovered after years of costly investigation obstructed by the Clintons, which ultimately resulted in charges being dropped for lack of intent to commit a crime.

The remainder of Bill Clinton’s presidency was plagued by corruption. Between Travelgate, Troopergate, Monica Lewinsky, and many more, his time as president was never dull. (via The Atlantic)

After leaving office, Bill Clinton began to cash in all of the favors granted to wealthy friends. He began a speaking tour, generating millions of dollars from countries and businesses who had dealings with his administration.

The speaking tours continued, but the obscene costs tapered off until Hillary Clinton was appointed Secretary of State. With new influence to peddle, the Clintons began raking in the cash once again, bringing in large amounts of funds between Clinton Foundation donations and speaking fees.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton continued their practice of trading favors. Instead of rebuilding Haiti after the earthquake, Clinton offered her friends contracts that were never expected to be fulfilled. Later, Clinton helped the energy company Uranium One obtain massive amounts of American uranium rights, and was rewarded with millions of dollars in donations — much of which was never disclosed.

Every move the Clintons make has been shaded by corruption. There is an almost unlimited number of crimes the Clintons committed that should result in arrest, but the Clintons have proven immune from the laws average people are expected to follow. Hillary Clinton needs to be investigated and charged.

We need to send an example to the politically corrupt that crime does not pay. Until that day, we are sending the message that our political system is open for business.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement



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