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POLL: Should President Trump Fully Defund All Sanctuary Cities?

President Trump’s all out assault ion illegal immigration and more specifically criminals who happen to be illegal migrants has divided the nation yet consolidated the MSM. Whilst the majority of working class and Blue Collar voters are happy to see proper regulation being brought in, the out of touch elite (that rarely suffer the negative impacts of illegal immigration) continue to protest the “inhumanity” of deporting criminals. And of course, the media are in complete agreement that protecting citizens and borders is the most racist action a nation can take.

But no other issue has more people divided than that of Sanctuary Cities. At least 270 cities across the US are refusing to cooperate with Federal law enforcement and ICE to either notify or handover illegal migrants who commit crimes in  the US.

Trump’s response to this has been to threaten the removal of Federal funding from places that do not comply. If we consider that Sanctuary Cities are actually more likely than others to require Federal funding, the threat should really make a difference.

But in all this, very few people are talking about the victims. Victims who are mostly migrants themselves, living in areas where criminals are released back into the communities to continue the damage they do. Let’s protect all the people in America, by removing those that cause harm to others.

Can you grab a relevant youtube video for this one?

Since President Trump has taken office, we have seen sanctuary cities create battle after battle to keep their ‘sanctuary’ status intact. In fact, they have done things such as release criminal illegal immigrants from their local custody to warning illegals that ICE was preparing to track and deport criminal aliens.

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To that end, as the president is working to eliminate all illegal immigration into this country and to prosecute and deport those illegals who have caused so much harm to United States’ citizens, should President Trump remove all federal funds from these cities?


What do you think? Time to let them deal with their own civic problems based on their own funding?



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