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POLL: Should President Trump BAN Sharia Law Police In United States?

Germany has succumbed to the mounting pressure of Migrant Islamists and allowed (within the law), “Shariah Police” to patrol communities and enforce Shariah Law where they see fit. The German Prime Minister and the German Courts have both upheld the right of Muslims to do this.

These are not friendly groups promoting their religious ideals; they are violent thugs who threaten (and worse) non-Muslims for living their lives in what used to be a free society. These patrols also operate in London and other UK cities where incidents of violence often take place in the “enforcement”.

And it is making a start in the US, too. As more and more calls for compliance with “Shariah principles” are pushed through the US courts, it is only a matter of time before these patrols start coming to a neighborhood like yours. Don’t think that you will be able to use the First Amendment to tell them where to go, either; because laws are being put through RIGHT NOW that will make it a crime to criticize Islam and its adherents.

These are bullies. They want to impose their Ideological will on others and will use violence and intimidation to do so. They believe that they have the right to claim nations as owned by Islam, and will seek to enforce their will where possible.

In Germany, radical Muslims are volunteering to becoming Sharia police and enforcing their laws over western law.

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For some strange reason, both the Prime Minister and German courts appear to have no problem with a set of Sharia police volunteers impersonating German police officers and threatening violence on those “infidels” who subscribe to German law over Sharia law.

Since radical Islam appears to be moving westward at a rapid pace, should President Trump put his foot down now and forbid the creation of Sharia police in the United States?

H/T: USA Politics Today



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