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POLL: Muslims DEMAND Sharia Law In America – Should We Deport Them?

According to Blue Vision, a majority of Muslims in the US (we can assume this includes native born, naturalized and an element of non-citizens)are calling for Sharia Law to be introduced into America. This has led many on social media to call for deportations. Is this the right course of action? What about those who were born in the US (or converted)? And most importantly, is the result of this poll the strongest indicator yet that the US integration policies are failing miserably?

When large level mass immigration occurs (as witnessed in Europe), minority groups become more isolated as new arrivals move to and live in areas where there are people of their own background. And with this comes a reversal of previously integrated communities.

When Imams turn up in Muslim communities and begin telling the youths that they are living their lives wrong, that they will go to hell for embracing the Western society, this is where radicalization begins. Families become divided and communities become less integrated. Sharia law is wrong. It is bad for women and minorities, it is oppressive and has no place in a modern society. Those that call for its implementation are damaging the fabric of a succesful multi-racial society.

Is the easiest way t fix this to deport all who hold these beliefs? Or should we be looking at saving already integrated communities from the dangers of unvetted mass migration?


Day after day, the situation between the Muslim community and the rest of our country is rising to an all-time boiling point.

A majority of Muslims in the United States are demanding that we bring Sharia law to America. (via Blue Vision). The big question people seem to have is, should these people be deported? The obvious answer is, OF COURSE they should be deported!

The truth is plain and simple. Islamic law is DANGEROUS, particularly in the context of our laws. When you look at the teachings of the Koran, it is clear that this type of behavior is not acceptable in our culture.

We need to take a stand now against the Muslims that believe that we need to incorporate Sharia Law into the United States. Luckily, we know that our president is not going to stand for this nonsense. He would never let us make Sharia law the law of the land.

If you couple that factor with the action President Trump is taking against the terrorists that have been trying to weasel their way into our country, it is safe to say that we can rest easy.

The best thing that we can do at this point is make people aware of the dangers of Sharia law and let them know that it will not be accepted here. It is never going to take effect here.

Hopefully, we will hear news from President Trump regarding his plans on deporting anyone who thinks we need to abandon American law for this absurd, dangerous, and violent law that is causing a massive tear in the Middle East.



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