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POLL: Should Muslim Immigrants Be Required To Get Immunizations?

In the western world, many diseases have been all but irradicated, but the trend is reversing. In this case, it is not bacteria becoming used to our medicines, it is not people forgetting to finish their antibiotics, it is a simple, and easily solvable issue…that we probably won’t be able to solve. It seems that measles and TB are making a comeback in Minnesota because Muslims refused to immunised.

As you are well aware, if Christian families refuse to have this done for their children, they are lambasted, mocked and ostracised throughout the “Liberal world”, but when it comes to Muslims, for some reason, they don’t apply the same standards.

We should obviously be respectful of people’s beliefs, but when those beliefs become a danger to us and our children, then it has gone too far. Let’s look at this realistically… Is there a passage in either the Koran or the Hadiths that tells Muslims not to be vaccinated? Of course not, there were no vaccinations back then. Is there an Islamic rule that forbids Muslims from taking medicine? Of course not, Muslims worldwide take medicine every day and go to hospitals for surgery. So in what way is it an infringement of their legal rights to insist that they have vaccinations that will lead to a healthier and safer America?

Here’s an idea. How about we don’t let anyone enter the country either as a migrant or a refugee unless they have the required vaccinations? If they don’t want to be safe, then why are they applying to become refugees? If they don’t care about protecting the lives and health of their children, then perhaps they should stay in the country they travelled from. If they don’t care about their health and lives, why should we?



Ancient Plague Spreads Through Minnesota Community As Muslim Refugees Refuse Vaccine

Liberals demand that non-Muslim children be forced to take vaccinations. They seek to destroy any personal religious liberty of Christians, Quakers, or any non-Islam group. However these groups do not have history of widespread disease.

But tell a Muslim their child has to be immunized then liberals scream racism. Nevermind that the child is part of a refugee group that brings measles and TB with them.


This state opened its arms to the Muslim populace that immigrated here. But how do the Somali refugees show their gratitude? By the spread of measles that the state has not seen in decades.

All because they refuse to allow their children to be vaccinated. Hey ingrates!  It’s the law. You come to this country you obey the laws or leave.

This spread has been happening since March. The medical community is noticing the increased volume of patients. Simple because Somali leaders in these communities say no.

Dr. Majid Katme, the spokesman for the Islamic Medical Association in the UK wrote an article stating,

“The case against vaccinations is first an Islamic one. We are giving our innocent children haram [forbidden] substances and harmful chemicals that destroy their natural immune systems, causing disease, suffering and death.”

Dr. Katme has it backwards. By refusing to vaccinate you allow your children to be susceptible to measles. Your decision is also a threat to Americans that live around your refugee communities.

In other words, this means Muslims are ingrates. The vaccine has broken the back of a measles outbreak. But by their refusal, the Somali camp is presenting a national threat.

Another way of looking at is, the Somali leaders are placing their children in harm’s way. Don’t we remove children from abusive or injurious family structures?

Advocating for social services is not the favored approach, but in this case it may be warranted.

minnesota measles2

Minneapolis-St. Paul is home to the largest Somali community in the United States, estimated to be around 70,000.

“Since FY 2002, 100,246 Somali refugees have resettled in the United States, according to the State Department’s interactive website. Of these, 99.9 percent, or 99,909, are Muslim,” Breitbart News reported in December.

Assimilation of resettled Somalis in this country has been a significant problem, and continues to be so.

In 2016, two Somali refugees, one in a Minnesota mall, the other at Ohio State University, attacked and injured more than 20 Americans. Both refugees were killed by law enforcement during the attacks.

On the public health front, Somali refugees in Minnesota have been identified as responsible for 22 percent (161 out of 732) of the cases of active tuberculosis (TB) diagnosed between 2010 and 2014, despite accounting for about one percent of the state’s population, as Breitbart News reported.

“Hennepin County  is also the site of two recent cases of active tuberculosis at local public high schools . . . The letter to parents from St. Louis Park Public Schools informing them of the case of active TB in January was sent in three languages: English, Spanish, and Somali, ” as Breitbart News reported.

Recently, female genital mutilation (FGM) within the American Somali community has come to the forefront as a significant problem as well.

Refusal to assimilate

The Somali contingent in Minnesota is showing their animosity to American way of life. They leave their war-torn nation to come to America. Yet, they refuse to conduct themselves appropriately.

Liberals refuse to step-out and chasten their actions. That is one reason Clinton did not win.People in this country remember what Obama was like and refuse to allow that direction move forward.

H/T: Lady Liberty’s News



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