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POLL: Should The Muslim Hijab Be Allowed In The Military?

ISIS has outlawed the burka at their security centres in a northern Iraqi city, despite previously brutally enforcing a law requiring them to be worn.

The terror group have banned women entering the buildings in Mosul while wearing the full-face covering after a number of commanders were killed by veiled women.

Previously women in Syria and Iraq have been beaten or even killed by ISIS’s ‘morality police’ for not wearing a veil to conceal their body and eyes.

The website Iran Front Page were informed of the ban by a source in Nineveh, Iraq, on Friday.

The normal strict dress code implemented by ISIS forces all women to be covered from head to toe in black.

Women in the rest of Mosul except for the security centres, and in all other areas controlled by ISIS, will still have to abide by the strict dress code, it is understood.

Last month, women were pictured celebrating the liberation of the Syrian city of Manbij by burning the sombre outfits.

One girl grabbed the black burka she was wearing and pulled it off her head to reveal her face, an act which would have seen her severely punished under ISIS.

Meanwhile another group of youngsters can been dancing around a burqa that has been discarded on the ground and left to burn.

The celebrations came as thousands of people displaced by the fighting with ISIS returned to Manbij after driving out the terror group.

The loss of Manbij, occupied by Islamic State since early 2014, was a big blow to the militants as it is of strategic importance.

The town served as a conduit for the transit of foreign jihadists and provisions from the Turkish border.

There were similar celebrations in Abu Qalqal, in Aleppo, northern Syria.

If even ISIS has banned Burqas, why should we allow them in the US military??



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