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POLL: Should Children Be Forced To Convert To Islam While At School?

The MSM claim that o such thing as Islamic indoctrination is happening in American schools, are they telling the truth? Are they just blindly mistake? Or have they become so inured to the realities faced by folk across the US as they live in their tiny elitist bubbles?

Two mothers have begun a lawsuit to try and stop the forcing of children to indulge in Islamic practices at school. As you will be aware, the advocating of God at school has been a contentious issue, but this particular case got started after the mothers had first made a complaint to the school board.

The children were shown videos about Islam in their classes and were required to chant along reciting “Allah is the only true God”. Quite why any teachers or school administrators thought this was acceptable is beyond reason; yet after making a complaint to the school board, the classes were not changed in any way.

Perhaps a fair approach would be to make things more even. Non-Muslim children should be made to chant “Allah is the only true God”, and then Muslim children should be made to chant “Jesus Christ is the True God” or “Yahweh is the one True God”. This may seem ridiculous, but it would at least have the benefit of being fair and equal. Do you think the Muslim parents would make polite complaints to the local school board? Me, neither, and perhaps that is why the school board will now be facing court charges.

Yesterday, we shared a story about how two middle school moms, Christians, asked their school board to stop showing videos of Islam in their children’s classes. The reason is because these videos are forcing the children to recite that Allah is the only one true god, and basically, they are trying to convert more non-Muslims to Islam.

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Unfortunately, the school board refused to fix the situation, so now these mothers are working on a lawsuit against the school district for their flippant behavior toward allowing Islam to take over the curriculum.

Since schools are supposed to be a place of religious freedom, can Islam truly be allowed in the school system for children to recite and convert?

Let us know what you think!



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