POLL: Do You Agree With Sessions That Illegal Immigrants SHOULD NOT Receive Special Privileges?

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As classy, respectable and humble as AG Jeff Sessions is, he does NOT play games. His job is to apply the law, and he does a great one.

The Rule of Law is essential to keeping American’s safe from the Elite and Tyrants. By all of us being judged by one set of laws, no one an exception, we can rest assured that we are all treated equally before the courts. But during Obama’s Administration, this ceased to be the case for “DREAMers”, who were basically granted an amnesty that others don’t have.

On ABC’s “This Week”, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made it very clear that from here on out, EVERYONE will be subject to the SAME laws, with no preferential treatment, especially to those who break it. He is not out there to buy votes. He is out there to protect Americans. And that means that: “everyone who enters the country unlawfully is subject to be deported”.

If we don’t apply the law equally, we are no better than Dictatorships around the world like North Korea or Saudi Arabia, where certain people are fully protected from their crimes. That’s what the left want us to become, and until this year that had been slowly but surely succeeding.

Crossing a national border without permission is a crime. If you cross a border illegally, what will happen to you? At the very least you will be deported, at worst, you will be imprisoned. SO why has the US been allowing this crime to slide?

STEPHANOPOULOS: The president said to the Associated Press that the dreamers should rest easy. He’s not going after the dreamers. That’s his policy. Is it the policy of the Justice Department?

SESSIONS: Homeland Security has primary jurisdiction there. Their first and strongest priority, no doubt about it, is the criminal element that we have in our country that have come here illegally. They’re focusing primarily on that. There is no doubt The president has sympathy for young people brought here at early ages.

STEPHANOPOULOS:  So they can rest easy?

SESSIONS: Well we’ll see. I believe that everyone that enters the country unlawfully is subject to being deported. However, we’ve got — we don’t have the ability to round up everybody and there is no plans to do that. But we’re going to focus first as the president has directed us, on the criminal element and we have got to get that under control.

The MSM wants you to think that every DREAMer is a potential Senator or Congressperson, and while it is true that all people have potential, that also means that each person has the potential to be a murderer, rapist or gang member. We cannot just let hope be our tactic. The facts show that we need to protect our borders.

The increase in immigration under Obama was intentional. It was a directed effort to undermine the Democratic systems of the US.

Check out the video below to see the shocking implications:

Thank goodness we have a new, completely different administration that is focused on doing its JOB.