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POLL: Do you agree that Illegal Aliens Have No Right To Sue Any American?

The American Justice system is overburdened. Not just for litigious reasons, but for the sheer number of illegal migrants demanding State sponsored attorneys, retrials, compensation for mistreatment and any number of things that by rights, they should not be entitled to.

Finally, the Supreme Court has caught up with public opinion on this issue. In a 5-4 ruling, the court has declared that people who have entered the country illegally no longer have the right to sue anyone that they feel has mistreated them.

The fact is, that by entering the country illegally, they have no right to enforce legal action on citizens. If someone broke into your house and you caught and beat them, they would not have any legal recourse against you, and the same applies to this situation. (In the UK however, a farmer shot someone who broke into his house armed, and the farmer was sent to prison).

This may seem harsh against law abiding illegal migrants (accept of course for the entering illegally) who just want to work and raise families, but the point is, that if they intend to build a life in America (and as such have legal protections), then they need to get on with the process of becoming a citizen; the US is one of the best places in the world for helping people to become citizens.  America should be protecting Americans…It doesn’t matter if you are a new citizen, or your family came over on the Mayflower, American citizens should be the priority. If you don’t respect a country enough to become a citizen, then deal with the consequences.

Finally, we have some logical decisions that are aligned with the best interests of the American people coming out of the Supreme Court. Funny how when a leftist dictator like Obama leaves and becomes insignificant, things IMMEDIATELY start to change from anti-American to pro-American! But that’s just a coincidence, of course…

The Supreme Court just ruled that illegal aliens have no right to sue anybody if they feel they’ve been mistreated. In a 5-4 decision, the conservative-leaning court reminded America that illegal aliens are called illegal for a reason and therefore don’t have the same rights as American citizens.

That means if they’re arrested for being here illegally they have the right to an attorney…in their own country. They have the right to a speedy trial…in Mexico. They have the right to remain silent and not incriminate themselves…just not here.

This is how things should be, so while it is a huge win for America, it should have always been this way, and is long overdue. The second an individual jumps that fence, they have committed a crime, and being that they do not have papers allowing them to be here, they have no rights as citizens of this country, so, in order to obtain those rights, they need to go back to where they cam from first.

Here they have the right to be loaded onto buses and sent back to where they belong to apply for legal citizenship like everyone else. That also means that sanctuary cities have no right to tell federal agencies that they can’t come in and collect illegals for deportation.

It’s time the liberal snowflakes figured this out once and for all: In Trump’s America, we will take care of our own. People from other countries who aren’t in immediate danger or are from a religion that wants to blow us up just aren’t welcome here.

In addition to all of this, there is a huge financial burden imposed by illegals that is truly killing taxpayers. Emergency rooms have been shut down because of illegal aliens using them as doctor’s offices, and the ERs couldn’t afford to stay open. It’s not just the money: it’s all the other stuff, too boot.

H/T: Lady Liberty News



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