Pissed Off Citizen Sees What Muslim Welfare Queens Do After Leaving Walmart And Starts Recording In Shock

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A lawyer in New York was doing his grocery shopping when he came across something that shocked him. A Muslim woman was buying a cart full of soda with food stamps and he heard from her conversation to her companion that she was intending to sell the soda in her own convenience store.

When the lawyer confronted the woman in the parking lot, she unlashed a tirade that let him know what she really thinks of the US.

Now we know from the recent case of the Muslim group using the SNAP program to defraud the Government of $16 million at the expense of welfare recipients that this kind of practice is not an isolated incident. But what is truly shocking is the lack of disregard that the fraudsters have for those in the community that really need help.

Welfare and Aid budgets are set, and all comers must be helped from that budget. If there is no more money, then people suffer. When selfish people like the woman in this video cheat the system, they are really cheating those in need and doing it out of the taxpayers hard-earned cash.

These people should be named and shamed so locals can boycott their stores. And the government needs to crack down on this now!