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OPEN YOUR EYES: Check Out What Happened To Trump IMMEDIATELY After Secret Meeting On Tarmac

The evidence is slowly coming out surrounding the Obama Trump Tower wire tapping scandal. As we learn more, it’s starting to really sound bad for the former President. It seems that there was a huge government conspiracy to keep Donald Trump OUT of the White House.

So what do we know now?

 On June 27th of 2016, Bill Clinton had a secret meeting with Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. At the time, this caused waves and people demanded an explanation. Lynch’s only response was that the meeting was “regrettable.” Perhaps regrettable that she was CAUGHT?

At the time we thought the meeting was about excusing Hillary from prison time for her email scandal. However, we now believe that this meeting was to make a plan of attack against The Donald.

Immediately after the meeting, Lynch made her first FISA request to tap Trump’s phones. The implications for this are MASSIVE. Bill Clinton met with a sitting Attorney General to discuss how they could sabotage Trump’s campaign. This would have given the election to Hillary Clinton. A former President and husband to a running Presidential candidate conspired with the Attorney General to RIG THE ELECTION. If that doesn’t have your blood boiling then I don’t know what will.

WNP has more:

What’s really interesting is the FISA request was denied. That court has declined just 11 of the more than 33,900 surveillance requests made by the government.

The FISA court has denied just .03% of all government FISA requests. That means Lynch’s request, which came after meeting with Bill Clinton, was a piece of garbage. It was a clear attempt to use the Justice department to go after a political opponent.

Fast forward to October 2016.  As the presidential race tightened and Hillary started to panic, another request from the Obama admin to tap Trump’s phones was submitted to the FISA court.

This was granted because there was a story swirling around that Russian dossier and a computer server at Trump tower being linked to a Russian bank.

No evidence was found, the rumors unfounded, but the wiretaps continued. Andrew McCarthy of the National Review summed it up perfectly,

“The Obama administration was monitoring an opposing presidential campaign using the high-tech surveillance powers of the federal intelligence services.”

 President Trump MUST investigate this!! If this is true, it will be the single biggest example of governmental corruption we have EVER seen. Please SHARE this everywhere on social media!! We MUST get this info out!!



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