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Oh My God! Trump Walked Up Behind This Marine And Did Something No One Would Have EXPECTED

A lot of politicians have spent years talking up the US military to their faces, but cutting their budgets and hindering their operations behind closed doors. It’s great to finally have a President in the White House who really does care for our armed forces.

During a State visit by Argentian President Mauricio Macri and his wife Juliana Awada on Thursday, not only did President Trump stop an Obama sanction on Argentine produce going ahead (thus creating better relations between the two nations), but he also took time out just to let a Marine know that he was appreciated.

As Trump walks out with First Lady, Melania, he gives the Marine a casual pat on the back. This shows that these casual gestures of kindness and support are not just for the camera (in fact, it was lucky to be caught on film), but show that he really does hold our soldiers in high regard.

Try to imagine Barack Obama sharing a gesture of friendliness with one of the nation’s heroes and not calling a Press conference to announce it. Difficult to envision, isn’t it?

With the Military, Donald Trump is doing a phenomenal job. He has signed Executive Order S.544, which allows Veterans to choose their Healthcare Provider, eliminating the need for them to travel (in some cases) 6 to 8 hours to get substandard care at a VA hospital. This President knows how to look after the military, hopefully, other politicians will follow suit.

President Donald Trump and Melania met with President Mauricio Macri and his wife Juliana Awada at the White House on Thursday.

He welcomed the two Argentine guests and Trump then did the unexpected. Watch the magic happen at the 1:50 mark.

Trump leaned into hug Melania and then patted the marine on the back.

*** Don’t you just love our PresidentTrump?!?!

Image Source: Daily Mail

The Trump administration has now postponed Barack Obama lifting a 16-year ban on imports of Argentine lemons.

Trump responded: “We’re going to be great friends, better than ever before.”

Melania Trump looked so beautiful in her military green dress. This is why we love Donald Trump. He makes our military men and women feel like they have a president that cares. It’s the little things.

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