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Obama Attacked Trump For Paris Decision, So IMMEDIATELY Trump Unleashed His Secret Weapon

President Trump’s decision to quit the Paris Climate Accord is one that has enraged Globalists all over the world. They think he has turned his back on the Globalist position and is not wanting them to succeed…They’re right…He is!

The Climate Accord that former President Obama signed the US up to is a joke. It is non-binding, has arguable outcomes and will hurt the economy greatly. Obama took us into it without anyone else’s express agreement, and y the same mechanism, Trump can take us out.

The thing is, the Climate Accord is just a show. It doesn’t really mean anything other than an opportunity for foreign powers to try and apply pressure to American business. If you want to know the reality of the Accord, here’s an example: A country signs up. It sets down on paper tat it will try and achieve 25% reductions in carbon emissions during the next 10 years. Each year it files a report saying how close or far it is from that target. BUT, it doesn’t actually have to DO anything! As long as they file the report, they can INCREASE carbon emissions every year if they want, and no punishment or breach of agreement takes place. It is all for show.

The Globalists want Trump to hinder American business with Climate legislation to hit goals that other nations will ignore. It is nothing more than a plot to end American dominance (and thereby allow the Globalists a larger share of power).

Trump has hit back at them all by announcing that he represents the American People, not Globalists from other countries.

The White House audience broke out in applause after President Trump announced that he was pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. The cost of the climate deal was $3 trillion. Trump decided to stand with the American worker against the globalists elites. Here is how the new leader of France has responded. See Trump’s secret weapon below.

So Trump pulled out his secret weapon to fight the globalists. He has sided with the American people.

Obama agrees with this foreign leader. He released the following statement below. Barack Obama isn’t happy seeing his legacy unravel as Trump totally takes it apart.

Obama used his power as president to join the Paris Accord without a vote. Trump can use the same power to quit it.

Barack Hussein Obama says that people will fight back against Trump. No, they won’t. The people of the United States are glad that we have President that we always wanted. Look what he said below. It was pretty damn clear what he said.

Trump’s secret weapon is that he is fighting for the American people and it is showing. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at a record high.

Or as Trump put it today ver simply…

Trump’s secret weapon is that!

H/T: Liberty Writers



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