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Muslims VICIOUSLY Attack Christians In Sydney Screaming “F*** Jesus” And “Allahu Akbar”

Australia in recent years has swung both ways on the “immigration pendulum”. It was once regarded as an example of where immigration and more importantly “integration” worked well. But all this has changed. “Muslim enclaves” are springing up all over the country and are quite literally threatening the secularism and safety of the nation’s Christians and Greek Orthodox.

On a Sydney train, an Orthodox man was traveling with his girlfriend when he was surrounded and beaten whilst having his Crucifix ripped from his neck. The group of Muslim attackers not only beat him, but Muslim women also beat his girlfriend.

The four Muslim men were screaming “F*ck Jesus” and “Allahu Akbar” as they carried out the attack. Allahu Akbar has many translations, but is generally accepted to mean “my God is greater than yours”. The most shocking aspect of this attack is not actually that this is taking place in modern Australia, nor is it the fact that this is not an isolated incident (these type of crimes are on the rise), but that the Transport Security stood by and watched as it took place.

Have authorities become so afraid of Islamic backlash that they refuse to intercede in a hate crime? What would they have done if the attackers had been white and the victim of Muslim appearance? Do you think they would have stepped in?

The insane policy of Western politicians has been to blow up Muslim countries in the pursuit of regime change and to open the floodgates to Muslim refugees.

How’s that “welcoming humanitarian effort” been working out for us?

The Daily Telegraph of Sydney reports a Greek Orthodox man was beaten and had a large cross ripped from his neck by four Muslim men who shouted “F–k Jesus” and “Allahu Akbar.”

The Telegraph notes the incident happened on a train while four uniformed Transport Officers stood by and did nothing. Sydney Train defended the inaction of the officers since they are not authorized to intervene.

Sydney police later wrote down the names of the assailants, for all the good that will do.

The Rev. George Capsis said four other Christian men have complained to him about the harassment in Sydney’s sketchy Muslim enclaves.

What is extraordinary about this latest anti-Christian attack in Australia is that it happened in the first place.

Until Australia changed its immigration policy to allow thousands of Muslims to immigrate, the land Down Under was a largely peaceful and culturally homogeneous society. The same nightmare is unfolding in EU countries where any criticism of Muslim extremists or government immigration policy is met with harsh condemnation and even fines or imprisonment. It is only a matter of time until the same sorts of things start happening in the United States.

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Source: Pam Geller



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