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Muslim Migrants HARASS People on Street with BATS – What One Guy Did Had Them Running SCARED [Video]

The mass influx of migrants in Europe has not only led to civil unrest, soaring crime rates and division in communities; the MSM has tried to portray their arrival in a positive light, but this new video shows the actual reality on the streets. Whilst reports, news fluff-pieces and biased reporting can show different sides to almost any situation, this video shows the life of many people in the “newly-enriched” Europe.

This video shows a group of Middle Eastern and North African looking males walking down the street carrying bats and shouting and threatening passers-by. Although they do not actually assault anyone, many are saying their intention is to clear the area of non-Muslims, thus creating a Muslim only area.

But they are in for a surprise. After many of the men and women run off scared, one man stands his ground and pulls a gun on the mob. They soon show that it’s true that bullies respond only to strength.

The biggest story though, is not that a brave man has stood up to bullies, it is that this scene of near-riot is likely to become the normal situation on European streets in the near future.

In this scene, there’s a group of migrants harassing people on the street. They are not attacking, but they are yelling things, and getting close to people, and in some cases, following them down the street in order to intimidate them. You can see the migrants have bats and other weapons.

You can see some of the European women running, and a lot of the men trying to get away. However, this one guy knows why Americans cling to our second amendment: even this migrant’s gang is no match for the gun he has in his pocket.



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