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Muslim Marries Pregnant 12-Year-Old “Girlfriend” – But Allah Didn’t Protect Him From JUSTICE

Australia is surely the one nation left on earth that has at least attempted to get not only its immigration issues under control, but also enforces the rule of law in the face of “cultural sensitivity” This time it was the case of a 26 year-old man “marrying” a 12 year-old girl.

Under Sharia law (which has no legal traction in Australia), the Islamic practice of older men marrying children has a long history. And the importation of such practices is fast becoming a problem in all Western nations. What our nations would describe as pedophilia, is a common cultural practice in many Muslim majority nations.

This “wedding” was arranged by the girl’s father in New South Wales and was against the girls consent. The “husband” is facing charges of 25 counts of sex with a child, and in a rare occurrence, the father is also being charged with the procurement of a child for unlawful sexual activities.

The importation of barbaric, regressive practices is something many modern cultures are dealing with today. From the hundreds of thousands of cases of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), to forced marriages and “honor killings”. These disgrace not only the integrated Muslim communities, but also the wider society as governments turn a blind eye to the molestation and rape of children. Australia sets an example for us all.



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