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Moments Ago Trump and Saudi King Showed Up at Toby Keith’s Concert and Did the UNIMAGINABLE

Diplomacy comes in many different forms, but at the root it is the ability to build relationships that have a lasting effects and are mutually beneficial. What Donald trump has been doing in the Middle east is not just attempting to unite disparate groups, but also build business and personal relationships for America.

And what could be a better start to a relationship than taking in a concert! President Trump and King Salman took golf buggies to go and see none other than Toby Keith performing live!

It may not be the typical Presidential visit, but then again, Donald Trump is not a typical President. he has decided to do things his own way, and judging by the disastrous state the country has been in over the last 10 years, this will surely be a relief to many. When Barack Obama did his now famous “apology tour”, he was very much the subservient party, looks like the balances are changing.

It’s not every day in Saudi Arabia that Toby Keith performs a massive concert for the royal family. Now couple that with President Donald Trump’s first Trip, and you have the recipe for something great.

So Toby Keith was busy singing his hits in a concert hall packed full of his Saudi fans. He knew the President was in.

That’s when Donald Trump and the Saudi King rolled into the concert in a GOLF CART!

Their cart rolled right across the atrium in the middle of the show followed by Ivanka and Jared in a different cart behind him. With so many powerful players, there was no time to stop in public.

The 2 golf carts sped off into the unknown, presumably to watch the concert from a secret, royal-only location or return to the office and work on changing the world.


Toby Keith and Trump seem to have a very special relationship. Maybe y’all remember this great inauguration moment:

Pretty great. Apparently, the Saudis are fans of country music too. Well, as long as it’s not about alcohol or women driving pickup trucks that is.

Anyways, the leftist media is busy trying to smear the President…AGAIN! So it lands on us to help share out stories like this to all our family and friends and set the record straight. This is the REAL Donald Trump, a hard working a respected diplomat.

H/T: Liberty Writers



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