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Mike Huckabee is PI$$ED After UNSPEAKABLE Thing SNL Just Did to His Daughter

Whilst the Liberals “pleasure themselves” over every Saturday Night Live sketch that denigrates anyone who does not share their Liberalised views, America moves on quietly with the business of living our lives and raising our families. But when SNL decides to attack our families because of their political beliefs, it is difficult to ignore them.

Such was the case with Mike Huckabee when SNL took to mocking his daughter. The “comedy” team insulted her for her weight, intelligence and gender, and for the Left this was all fair game because she is a Conservative.

Here’s an interesting thought experiment. How many Liberals would join in the SNL “merriment” if they targeted the weight, intelligence and gender of Oprah Winfrey? Hillary Clinton (or Chelsea), or a black woman? Would they be laughing in the aisle, or would they be denouncing the show as sexist, racist, and every other type of ..ist?

And if the answer to that question is that they would not be laughing at all…then they are rank hypocrites without a moral bone or an honest thought in their tiny, bigoted minds.

Sarah Huckabee did a fantastic job handling hack reporters who thought they could score cheap shots at the President’s expense. She showed what a strong,smart, capable woman she is by calling them out on their idiocy, and this is why the Left attacked.

She is independent, and not supported by “minority strength groups” and yet she has succeeded in her own rights. And if she can do, other women might think they can do it too. And ten why would they need the Left to coddle them?

This was her crime: exposing the truth that women don’t need advocate groups to make them strong.

There is nothing more unforgivable for a parent than seeing their kids being bullied. Mike Huckabee is a proud father and was heartbroken when he saw what SNL did to his precious daughter Sarah Huckabee this weekend.

The “comedy” show made jokes about her family, her weight, her intelligence, and her gender. That’s why Mike went of FOX today and called SNL out for what they really are:

SNL is silly, sexist, and misogynistic towards his daughter and conservative women.

Mike Huckabee said,

“I thought it was a little bit silly, sexist, misogynist, but my daughter is certainly capable of handling a whole lot worse than that. The fact is it does not take away in any way who she really is.”

Look, I agree with Mike 100%. Sarah Huckabee did a phenomenal job and SNL is just run by a bunch of cry-baby losers.

The worst part is that they even tried to “compliment” her as professional and well-spoken during the same skit that they called her mom a “hamburger.”

If they were even remotely fair to both sides, I would not mind. It’s comedy and comedy is mean sometimes. However, what they did was not comedy. It was politically biased brainwashing.

H/T: Liberty Writers



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