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Michelle Obama Breaks The News… It’s ALL Over Now

One of Conservatives greatest fears for the 2020 Presidential election is that Michelle Obama will decide to run. She would have several major advantages, including being the wife of the first black President, and being both female and black herself. That would potentially be a tough contender for Trump to go up against.

Recently, one of Obama’s top advisers gave his thought on the prospect. David Axelrod was a driving force behind Obama’s campaign in 2008, and he had this to say of a Michelle Obama run for the White House:

“People say to me all the time, ‘Well, do you think she might run for office sometime?’” Axelrod said, before addressing the fact that Michelle has been on the campaign trail for Hillary. “I would bet everything I own against that prospect. She is not someone who loves politics at all. And I don’t think she’s really out there as a political figure now. She’s out there because she feels passionately about the choice here.”

Axelrod went on to describe Michelle as being “a reluctant conscript to politics.” She is more interested in her own life and children, he added.

“I honestly think she’s going to be very happy to get her life back when this is over and recede a little bit from the public,” Axelrod concluded.

GOOD NEWS!! It looks like we’re safe from that nightmare scenario….that means that the Obamas are gone from the White House…. for GOOD!! America might not have been able to withstand eight more years of Obama. What do you think? Will she make a run for it anyways? Would Trump be able to beat her?

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