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Michael Brown’s Family Just Became Millionaires, See Who’s Stuck Paying For Their SECRET MASSIVE PAYDAY….

The family of Michael Brown has received a payout of $1.5 million in a lawsuit that claimed “mental anguish”; this money does, of course, come directly from the taxpayer, and means either tax rises for working folk or the cutting back of public services.

Many are asking why the Brown family should get any kind of payout at all? It is sad when any person loses their life, but the reality is, if a police officer asks you to stand down and you try and take the gun from him, you are very likely to be shot. This was an avoidable sad event, but the person who is ultimately responsible is Michael Brown.

In today’s political arena, there is far too much political capital to be made from race-baiting and denigrating the Police Force; when will people understand that if they purposely weaken the police force, then it is the regular people who suffer.

Why do groups like BLM and public figures like Al Sharpton never talk about the amount of young black lives saved by police officers who arrest and track down violent killers? Consider, if there were no police force, where would the most casualties be? They would be in black communities, caused by young black criminals who would realize that there is no one around to stop them or to punish them. How do we know? Becuase they already do this whilst police presence exists!!!

Those who support groups like BLM, please understand that you are effectively risking your very lives by hindering the police in their work. It is almost suicidal. Please think.


Permanent injuries including mental anguish.

That is a legally recognizable cause of action for a lawsuit filed to allow recovery of damages for losses that can’t be quantified.

It covers things like insomnia, depression, inability to work and even the inability to enjoy life.

It describes Darren Wilson’s life since August 10, 2014 – only to a certain extent.

The day before, he had a lot to look forward to – marriage, a baby on the way, work in a career he had always wanted.

Then, in 45 seconds, he became the center of a public whirlwind and media firestorm, the most reviled and, in some quarters, hated man in America.

He lost his job, his reputation and, despite repeated investigations exonerating him of any wrongdoing – he lost his freedom.

He has spent the past three years in hiding, unable to find a job in his field or rehabilitate his reputation.

He looks forward to a civil lawsuit that would strip away what little earning potential he has.

The strain on his psyche, his health, and his family are tremendous.

But it is the family of Michael Brown, the teenage thug who gave rise to a false narrative that fueled riots across the nation, who recovered from permanent injuries including mental anguish.

The parents of Brown sued the City of Ferguson, the Officer Darren Wilson, and the former Police Chief of the Ferguson Police Department for their anguish when Wilson shot their son as he attempted to wrestle his gun away from him.

They had sued, also, for lost their son’s potential earnings, but given Brown’s health issues and the dismal likelihood of him actually finding gainful employment, the parents wisely decided to settle the lawsuit.

The amount was initially sealed by the federal judge who oversaw the case but has now been released.

In case anyone wonders what permanent injuries including mental anguish are worth, the answer in the case of the parents of Michael Brown is concerned is $1.5 million.

They are millionaires while Darren Wilson remains in hiding, tarnished and unemployed.

For Darren Wilson, the officer who acted to save his life that August day in Ferguson, Missouri, there is a different value that has been put on his permanent injuries including mental anguish.


H/T: US Herald



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