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Media Plot To Take Down Trump Discovered—In Two Days, It All Begins

Almost all of the mainstream news you read is made by six companies. 


Our largest news outlets have proven to be *criminally* biased; every day they issue heavily slanted or outright fake reports, all in an effort to sway public opinion.

And now they’re taking it a step further: they’re mere hours away from launching a coordinated attack on the President of the United States.

And why?

Because our fearless leader called them out for being exactly what they are– biased, unreliable, “journalists” who only exist to push a liberal agenda.

Well, much like most liberals, the mainstream media has responded like the spoiled, nasty little children they are.

Via Breitbart:

Some 128 establishment news outlets are coordinating an attack against President Trump that is scheduled to launch on August 16.

This coming attack is premised on the entitled belief within the establishment media that the First Amendment protects the media from criticism, and that the First Amendment restricts a sitting president from criticizing the media.

How else to explain 128 (and counting) news outlets coordinating to attack the president for daring to criticize the media for launching coordinated attacks against him.

The event is being organized by the far-left Boston Globe.

Essentially, newspapers across the country are going to run 128 “strongly worded op-eds” designed specifically to lie some more to Americans.

They’re going to attempt to tell you that Trump’s criticism of the media is “unacceptable” and “an “attack on the first amendment.”

Of course, none of that is actually true; it’s just a temper tantrum and a last-ditch effort to keep the public eating out of the palms of counterproductive outlets like CNN and MSNBC.

Let’s make one thing crystal clear:

The idea that the press is immune to criticism due to Freedom of Speech is entirely hypocritical. We – and the President – can say whatever we want thanks to that important amendment.

Furthermore, we all know the media is no longer objective. How can you be objective when you keep calling the Leader of the Free World a Nazi?

Source: Breitbart



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