Man Puts Red & Blue Christmas Lights On His Home… Now WATCH the American Flag

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Liberals HATE anyone that says it, but I’m just going to say it. I don’t care if it triggers them, or if they need to go to their ‘safe spaces’ after. They just have to grow up and deal with it. Ready? Here goes:

The United States of America is the SINGLE GREATEST country God ever put on this green Earth. We introduced lasting democracy to the entire world, invented flight, put men on the Moon, created the greatest economy EVER introduced on the planet…and we did all that in a quarter of the years that the current Queen of England has been alive.

Show me another country that has even come close to that. But in our school systems, in our universities, in our TV shows, Liberals LOVE to call us the worst country that has ever existed, they even attack the brave citizens that have given EVERYTHING in service to Old Glory.

Luckily, we still have millions who are proud of their nation, who have respect for privilege of being American.

In 2011, this house was completely decorated in red, white, and blue Christmas lights. And when they turned on the music, it was a perfect salute to those who have served this great nation with the American flag shining above all else.

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H/T Angry Patriot