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Mad Dog’ Mattis Shreds Terrible Obama Rule That Paralyzed Our Military For Years

General Mattis just threw off the chains that Obama used to make our military powerless.

Liberals are the greatest enemy America has ever faced. They are attempting to destroy the family, they want to disarm us, and they hate capitalism. They’ve made it where complementing a woman frames you as a sex offender, and referring to someone as “miss” assumes their gender.

Conservatives that express their views in the public place are often subject to ridicule, and losing their jobs.

This “political correctness” us destroying our great nation from within.

However that’s all coming to an end under President Trump. Mattis just made a crucial move that will begin the process of restoring our military to the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen. God bless America.

More from: Washington Times

Fighting will now take precedence over dealing with transitioning transgender troops, drug abuse and other issues as the Army seeks to overhaul its training regimen to hone its soldiers’ battlefield skills.

In a series of servicewide memorandums approved by Army Secretary Mark Esper and Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and obtained by The Washington Times, service leaders are making optional previously mandatory training on issues such as transgender transition and drug abuse. The move, Army leaders argue, is designed to relieve stress on the overburdened troop training regimen and refocus on soldiers’ ability to fight in combat.

“The Army’s regulations and policies that deal with training were pretty settled, and there were not a lot of detractors to it. … It was all the other [training] requirements that we levied on ourselves, or we had levied from other places” that led to the increasingly cumbersome approach to combat readiness, said Col. John O’Grady, chief of the Army’s collective training division.

Those mandated training requirements “served as barriers to maximizing time … to build readiness and lethality” within combat units, he said in an interview. Aside from ending mandatory training programs on transgender troops and drug abuse, courses on media awareness and human trafficking have been eliminated from the mandatory curriculum, the service memorandums state.

Army officials are codifying the new marching orders into servicewide training guidelines and doctrine, which will bring the Army more in line with the Pentagon’s new National Defense Strategy, Col. O’Grady said.



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