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Lynch’s Emails Just Leaked From Tarmac Meeting With Bill Clinton… SEE BEFORE DELETED

The now famous tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch needs to be investigated…This is not going to go away. The video below shows the exact moment they met; this is at the very least ethically questionable, and some would say criminally negligent.

Former AG Lynch was in the process of investigating Hillary Clinton, to have a meeting with Bill Clinton while his wife is under investigation is a major break with accepted protocol. There are laws about this kind of thing and they should be applied equally to all members of society regardless of their station and political contacts.

The MSM have even admitted that they are not interested in covering this story. Is it because it’s a “nothing burger”? Or is it more likely that they feel it would do damage to their agenda driven programming? Either way, it is the truth and the American people who are being cheated.

Newly released documents obtained by the American Center for Law and Justice show that members of the mainstream media are knowingly colluding with Hillary’s campaign. Watch the infamous moment below at the :30 sec mark.

Let me repeat that. The Justice Department colluded with Washington Post and the New York Times to “tamp-down” stories relating to the Attorney General’s infamous meeting with Bill Clinton,” according to this shocking report. You can read that here.

Comey’s FBI lied to us. The ACLJ submitted FOIA requests to Comey’s FBI and the Lynch DOJ about the Clinton Lynch plane meeting. James Comey was the head of the FBI at the time.

The response they got was “No records responsive to your request were located.”

Here’s what Varney and Co had to say about the story. Stuart Varney said on Fox the following:

Liz McDonald:  “I am hoping I can put it to rest. The New York Times reporter apologetically says he is being pressed into service to cover the story… A DOJ press official says, “I talked with the ABC producer he said he’s not interesting in covering it even if FOX goes with it.”

Stuart Varney: “This is collusion between reporters, specifically the Washington Post, and the Department of Justice.”

It’s time to lock up the traitors in the White House. If you are tired of the media’s attacks on President Trump, do the following:

H/T: Liberty Writers



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