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Liberals Forgot When Bill Clinton Called Obamacare A Huge Scam. Let’s Remind Them.

The Democrats like to present a united front on all things Liberal, but the reality is that they are simply playing Partisan politics with you and your children’s future. There was a time when lead Dems used to shout down Obamacare and call it a “scam”…In fact, former President Bill Clinton was on of these.

The media and the left would have you believe that they have always supported Obamacare, but they didn’t. The reality is that most Democrats couldn’t care less whether or not Obamacare stays or goes…They will shed crocodile tears, but if it crumbled under THEIR WATCH, many would be quite happy.

What they really want is a “big failure” for President Trump. If they can get it on the ACA, so be it. If not, they’ll try something else. It is all about illusion, smoke, and mirrors, nothing more. They want to be SEEN as the party that cares…But we know the truth. They think it’s all “a scam”!

You’d never know it now, but there was a time when not all Democrats were in love with Obamacare. Back before the DNC had closed ranks, circled the wagons and was objecting to everything Trump related, a few of them actually busted out a calculator and realized what a colossal failure socialized medicine would be.

If you don’t believe me, just listen to Slick Willie tell you what he thought about the idea of the un-Affordable Care Act back before the DNC got everybody in lock step.

Don’t misunderstand, we’re not suddenly telling you to believe what the Clintons have to say, but if one of them happens upon a correct mathematical equation, it might still be worth looking into.

If nothing else, I hope this demonstrates just how much the left will change its story depending on the overall agenda that they want to push. This guy is campaigning for his wife, who was Obama’s Secretary of State and a candidate that later promised to support the Affordable Care Act no matter what.

This is not only proof positive of the two faced nature of the liberals, but also proof that they have to train themselves to not back up the logical Republican policies. I don’t know who wrote the original Clinton’s speech, but they probably just wrote what made sense in the context. It’s got to be incredibly difficult to keep up with what the left is promoting and what the lie of the week is.

As with any politician (or person, really), we would encourage you to listen and follow their words as long as those words hold up in the framework of real world logic and reason and fit within the bounds of our national law. In this case the words of wisdom are coming from a very surprising source, but as they say where I come from “even a blind hog roots an acorn every once in a while.

H/T: Liberty Writers



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