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Liberal Mom Gets BRUTAL Awakening After Noticing Who Walked Into Women’s Bathroom

Reality often has a way of destroying ideals, and this is becoming increasingly true of the liberalized agenda that is invading every aspect of day to day life. And what’s worse is that many in society are feeling helpless against the relentless tide of contradictions and progressive virtues we are being forced to exhibit under fear of shame.

Kristen Quintrall is (was) a typical liberal mom with her own blog on the realities of being a mother. She was not opposed to the daily liberalisms and broadly supported the leftish agenda. Until reality took hold and she experienced first hand the inherent paradoxes of modern life and the very real dangers they pose.

She entered a bathroom at Disneyland with several friends and to her surprise was a burly guy in a Lakers top just standing there looking. Now PAUSE. Think back to three years ago. What would a group of women have done or said to a male hanging out in a woman’s bathroom? Can you imagine some shouting and screaming, maybe some pushing and shoving? Possibly even someone going to fetch security?

But the Liberal “reality” made them powerless. They were distressed, uncomfortable and humiliated. Yet could do nothing about it. They felt shamed but have been bullied into accepting this as part of the Transgender bathroom rights debate. And what if they had their children with them? Would they have fetched a security guard? Would the guard do anything? Would they in fact have been arrested themselves for a hate crime?

This is the Liberal world, get comfortable, there’s more to come.



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