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LEAK: Obama Admin Gave Criminal Order to FBI. Should He Be Charged?

Yes. The dust is settled and we have a new President at the helm. But the Democrat machine is still complaining and protesting that they should be the ones in power. They are organising protests all over the country and are well funded by the Clinton and Obama Foundations and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. And it all rests on the premise that Hillary Clinton was “denied” the election.

But she wasn’t, and in fact. she was very lucky not to have been prosecuted prior to the actual vote. New information has surfaced that Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was involved closely with FBI Director, James Comey’s evidence giving and investigation. Closer than she should have been, and certainly in line to influence his actions and statements.

Documents show that Lynch told Comey to not refer to the investigation as an “investigation” (which it was), but to refer to it as a “matter”.  And also that Comey not correct Clinton when she said “It is not a criminal investigation,” “It is a security review.”

According to sources within the FBI, “everyone involved in the investigation though criminal charges should go ahead”, but not Director Comey. 

If the truth had just been allowed out, and not directed by Obama’s Administration, then Hillary would have lost by such a massive margin, that no one would be protesting. If the public had been told that this was a full criminal investigation (which it was), and that all but one person in the FBI thought criminal charges should be brought, then rump’s victory would have been a huge landslide. Then perhaps, we could have got on with the job of rebuilding the nation.


The circumstances of last year’s election were utterly unprecedented. Mired in FBI investigations, director James Comey felt he had to become embroiled in the presidential election.

New information reveals that Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch instructed FBI Director James Comey to cover up for Hillary Clinton during last years election. (via New York Times)

In July of 2015 the FBI launched an investigation into the private email server used by Hillary Clinton. The server was found to contain classified information.

The Justice Department received a criminal referral notifying them that Hillary Clinton was being investigated.

However, when the Justice Department notified the public of the investigation, they denied that it was criminal in nature, which was an utter fabrication.

Hillary Clinton seized the opportunity presented by the Democrat Justice Department. “It is not a criminal investigation,” said Clinton, lying to voters, “It is a security review.”

The investigation into Clinton’s email server was well underway and had received considerable national attention. The FBI has rules not to comment on ongoing investigations, but Comey was forced to testify before Congress.
 Comey meet with Lynch to prepare what he would say about the investigation. Everyone agreed that the director would not go into details, but Loretta Lynch had another odd request.

She urged Comey not to refer to the investigation as an investigation. Instead, he was asked to refer to it as a “matter.” Comey complied, and informed Congress that the FBI had “resources and the personnel assigned to the matter.” Lynch was able to shape the narrative to aid the Clinton campaign.

After having broken protocol to inform Congress, Comey felt it was his duty to inform the public that the investigation into Hillary Clinton had been closed. However, a memo discovered by investigators questioned the legitimacy of the closure. In the memo, a Democrat operative claimed that Lynch planned to interfere with the investigation to shelter Clinton.

Further evidence was mounted against Lynch when she was caught in a secret meeting with Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton. James Comey was ordered to notify the public that the case against Hillary was closed.

Essentially, there is considerable evidence that Loretta Lynch intended to interfere with a criminal investigation to protect Hillary Clinton. What is less clear is why Comey went along with her criminal plan.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement



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