JUST IN: Senate REVERSES Obama Order That Summed Up His Whole Presidency… IT'S ALL OVER - Freedom's Final Stand

JUST IN: Senate REVERSES Obama Order That Summed Up His Whole Presidency… IT’S ALL OVER

From: Youngcons

Welfare reform has never been something liberals are fans of.

They like making it as easy as possible to become dependent on the government.

Conservatives want to help people but they don’t believe that welfare for eternity is the answer.

They also believe in sensible means testing.

Which is why many conservatives are thrilled about what the Senate did this week.

From Western Journalism:

The Senate on Tuesday dealt the final legislative blow to an Obama-era regulation that limited drug testing for individuals seeking unemployment benefits.

The measure, which used the Congressional Review Act’s powers to undo the regulation approved last summer, passed along party lines 51-48. President Donald Trump is expected to sign the legislation, which cleared the House last month.

A 2012 law had said states could only give individuals drug tests when they sought unemployment benefits if they were previously fired for drug use or worked in jobs where drug testing was common.

Love it.

This is just common sense.

What do you think about this move?

Let us know below…

Via: youngcons



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