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It Just Happened: Donald Trump Just Sent Ivanka on a Super Special Mission…This Is HUGE!

If there is one thing that Liberal feminists hate, it’s a strong, successful woman who doesn’t kowtow to their belief system. And this is why they hate Ivanka Trump so much. Ivanka has proven that she is smart and capable in business, and that she is eloquent in defending her point of view, and all this whilst being a mother. She is a FemiNazi’s nightmare.

And now, President Trump has set her a mission. She is to begin a listening tour getting feedback from a number of government agencies with the view to preparing a comprehensive report for her father. She will visit the EPA (with regards to America’s position on the Paris Climate Accord), heads of Labor, Veterans Affairs, the Small Business Administration, and others.

It is a smart move by Trump. He is sending someone who he can trust completely to get out there and listen to the concerns and plans of institutions that are (in many cases) a necessary part of the American model.

But of course, the Liberals will jump on this and call it “nepotism” or a facade to enact whatever policies he has already in mind. yet this does not make sense. if he wanted a report that backed up his pre-made decisions, he could have sent any one of a hundred different lackeys or staffers that would be only to happy to provide the report he asked for. Sending Ivanka shows that he means business, she is after all incorruptible in terms of money and position (which others may not be).

This could also be the early start in a 2028 Presidential Campaign run…

There is not a single person in this world that Donald Trump trusts more than his daughter Ivanka Trump.

In fact, he trusts her so much that he just gave her one an unimaginably important job.

President Trump sent Ivanka on a Listening Tour of all the top US Agencies.

So what exactly is a “listening tour”? Well, it’s much more significant than it sounds.


Ivanka has been tasked with going to all the agencies, especially the EPA, and deciding whether or not the US will stay in the Paris Climate Change Agreements. (H/T – Politico)

She has also been ordered by the President to visit the Department of Health and Human Services. He wants her to work with them on the NEW health care to make sure it works for all Americans.

Ivanka also has meetings with the heads of Labor, Veterans Affairs, and the Small Business Administration to help to decide their future directions.

I just do not understand how it is that “feminists” hate Ivanka Trump so much. She is hard working, caring, passionate, and incredibly accomplished. Ivanka is the kind of person we should all strive to be like.

H/T: Liberty Writers



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