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Jesus Appears To Islamic Militants Chasing Christians In Dust Storm And Asks, ‘Why Do You Persecute Me?’

In a moment that will leave most people examining their faith and connection to God, something that could be described as a miracle happened in the Middle East that ended with the immediate conversion of ISIS fighters to Christianity.

All over Syria, Iraq, Egypt and other majority Muslim countries, Christians are being butchered, exiled, tortured and persecuted. And it has been one of the main missions of ISIS to create a land free of anyone not Muslim (unless they are willing to pay the Taquiya ((non-Muslim taxation)). Nineteen ISIS soldiers were sent on a mission to murder a group of Christians who they heard had been performing Baptisms in the area. Their instructions: “Kill every Christian you can find.”

One of the nineteen (known as Haroon), recounts the events: He says that the fighters chased the Christians and began opening fire on their buses. All of a sudden a sandstorm appeared that they could not get past, and it spoke to them. The sandstorm spoke in the voice of Jesus and said that He “came to the world not to destroy anyone; but to save.” They were forced to drop their weapons by the power of the voice.

Seventeen of the nineteen have become Christians due to their encounter. But we can’t rely on miracles to save us from the daily terror. We should be reaching out to the Christians in these areas and offering them our support by putting pressure on government to give priority to persecuted Christians from the region.

Here in the United States, it’s easy to take our religious freedom for granted. For most Americans it’s hard to imagine losing one’s life because of their faith, but that is the reality for our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

Ordered with “killing every Christian you find,” 19 Islamic terrorists set off for a site where baptisms were being performed.

According to one of the members, nicknamed Haroon, the terrorists’ purpose was to instill fear into those who were sharing God’s Word with the rest of the Muslim world. As it turns out, God used this as a chance to show His awesome power, and love.

Following a baptism service, a group of Christians found themselves being chased by the militant group. The terrorists started firing rounds at the buses, when all of a sudden something miraculous happened.

As the terrorists continued to fire at the buses in front of them a huge cloud of dust appeared, causing their vehicles to stop.

Haroon said that the storm was so bad that they “were unable to move forward,” yet they continued to fire into the cloud of dust. Then, according to Haroon, Jesus appeared to them.

Haroon claims that Jesus spoke to the group, and that His voice was so strong it blew the weapons out of their hands. When they finally got up, the militants couldn’t speak, but Haroon notes that a strange sense of peace had come upon them all.

Then, according to the militants, Jesus told them that He “came to the world not to destroy anyone; but to save.”

After being told to “go in peace,” the group left the area, both fearful and in awe at the same time.

Now, 17 of the 19 men have turned their life over to Christ. Haroon says that it was the moment in the desert that opened their eyes to the true power and grace of God. They only hope the other two men will allow Christ into their lives, as well.

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