Israeli Soldiers Report ‘Divine Intervention’ While Fighting ISIS

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Israel has been fighting a bitter fight with ISIS fighters on the Israel-Syria border in the Golan Heights. It’s what happened during the fight, however, that had Israeli soldiers cheering: There is PROOF of ‘Divine Intervention’

On Sunday, ISIS terrorists began firing at a small group of Israeli soldiers guarding the buffer zone called the Golan Heights.

The Israeli Air Force then stepped in and stomped the threat out of existence. Then a day later, the IAF destroyed a terrorist HQ that was a former UN building.

Despite these victories, Israel was afraid that this was the beginning of a horrible escalation in the war against the Jewish people.

God had other plans, however. 


In the video below, shortly following the above attacks, a massive pillar of clouds appeared out of nowhere. It blinded the ISIS fighters and protected Israel from further attack. It did not, however, enter Israel. The soldiers claim it reminded them of the pillar of clouds that guarded the Israelite’s while they fled Egypt.

WATCH the video below and see God’s Hand in action!!!


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