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Internet ERUPTS Over What Saudi King Just Did Right In Front Of Melania That Was Caught On Camera

When the Suadi King broke protocol on President Trump and Melania’s arrival for the Riyad Summit, no one knew what an internet explosion there would be. Not only did the First Lady NOT wear a head covering as has been expected of all female visitors in the past, but the King also shook hands with her.

This is not common practice in the Islamic world, and it shows just how much respect the President is garnering throughout the world. Twitter and Facebook trolls have taken time out of (not so) busy schedules to find new opportunities to berate the Trumps for even being in Saudi Arabia (but it was, of course, fine when Barack Obama went bowing and scraping and Michelle wore a headscarf). 

Islam, like many religions, has a range of interpretations, but one of the most commonly adhered to aspects is that a man should not shake hands with a woman (especially a non-Muslim). The Saudis are fairly hardline in their religion, so for the King to shake hands respectfully with Melania was actually a very good step in the right direction. No religion can last forever without some kind of reform, and Islam has been particularly stoic in changing its ways. But haters will always hate, and the Trolls who take this visit as a chance to have a go at the President and the First Lady are missing the bigger picture.

Ignorant people can’t see that this is a big step. We can’t always be at war with the Arab world, and while we should make no concessions to enforce human rights, it is wonderful to see the Saudis showing respect to not only the First Lady but also America. This could be the start of a new chapter in American-Arab relations.

There are certain people whose very presence commands respect and even a sort of reverence. Maybe they’ve been built up in the public’s eye, or just in your mind, but I’m sure a lot of would like to be one of those people that command respect without saying a word. I think there are also people that the media and even pictures undersell. The energy that someone, especially someone in power, gives off says a lot about how they live their lives.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Melania Trump, but aside from the cheap shots that liberal haters take, nobody really has anything bad to say about the woman. They don’t particularly like her former career as a model, but it’s not because they have issues with modesty. They’d be the first to say that it’s a woman’s right to do whatever she wants to do to make a living. I guess just as long as it doesn’t show them up. But the double standards and racist slurs that the party of tolerance likes to throw out there, everyone who’s been around our First Lady has seemed to be highly impressed with not only her actions but her demeanor and carriage.

This is probably an easy thing to dismiss since in general, we’re a culture that puts a premium on beauty, and our first lady is breathtaking. Maybe if you or I were tongue tied someone might say that it’s because we’re blown away by her superstar power, or because we wanted to be like her. But what about a man who is supposed to have disdain for everything that Melania stands for? What if he were to completely break the rules of his religion to show her respect? What might that say about her commanding presence? Well, the world has to decide now, since the Saudi King did something that he’s never supposed to do when he met Melania Trump for the first time.

Via Young Cons:

“President Trump and First Lady Melania descended Air Force One in Saudi Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh on Saturday morning, and as usual, the mainstream media is falling all over themselves to report the best criticisms they can come up with.

Funny enough, the widespread obsession with critiquing the President has the media missing the real story on this one.

Check it out:

Women are expected to cover their heads as part of the hijab requirement of the Saudi Arabian government, but Melania forewent the covering over the weekend, as have many female world leaders in the past.

Naturally, liberals are up in arms over one of Trump’s tweets from back in 2015, when he criticized then-First Lady Michelle Obama for making the same choice to forego a headscarf on a Saudi Arabia visit.

According to the Quran and Hadiths, Muslim men strictly forbidden to shake hands with non-Musim women. The King must be a special Muslim?

But once again, because the leftist media is hung up on the President’s tweets from years before his presidency, they’re missing the real story—the Saudi Arabian King shook Melania’s hand.

The Quran forbids Muslim men from shaking hands with women.

And Muslims are kinda pissed about it.”

To solidify their introduction into the current century, the first lady gave them a social media shout out, because why not? The traditionally backward country hosting them was obviously very gracious and kind to the President and First Lady, and she didn’t let the opportunity to give credit where credit is due to pass her by.

I’m sure liberals will find a reason to be upset about that too, but for not at least we can be happy that our kind and gracious first lady went to a place where women actually do have things holding them back, and she went as a free American and wasn’t ignored. THIS is a leap forward for the Saudi women. I can’t even imagine how much hope just this one gesture gave the women being oppressed in the middle east. Not only did she come, looking like a free American, she received a gesture of respect from the country’s leader. I don’t know how long the progress will last for, but it’s a crack, and enough to let a little light of hope through.

If you’re not proud of Melania for representing America like that, your American pride meter is broken. You might wanna get that checked out.

H/T: Freedom Daily



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