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HELL YEAH: After Obama Made Millions Off Tax Payers, Congress Just Hit Him Right Where It Hurts

When Barack Obama looked on at the nation he had led for 8 years, we can rightly assume that he was thinking…”Suckers”. When the opportunity arose for Barack Obama to try and cut down on government waste and to actually do hi part for draining the swamp, he not only didn’t go ahead, he actually actively stopped legislation.

A bipartisan Bill came up that would deduct money from a President’s lifetime pension, $1 off for every dollar earned over $400,000. The Bill passed both Congress and Senate without A SINGLE DISSENTER, and then landed on Barack’s desk…He vetoed it.

Obama has been earning $400,000 per speech from his Wall Street backers, millions of dollars from book deals and somebody by the name of Barry Soweto earned billions of dollars in royalties from the taxpayer for naming “Obamacare” (I wonder who that could be?). Yet he would not hand back a single dollar from his pension.

Congresswoman Joni Ernst and Jason Chaffetz (Dem and Rep respectively) are going to try again with this Bill and we can all hope that president Trump will treat the American taxpayer with a little more respect than his predecessor.  We cannot realistically have expected Obama to drain the swamp, because the swamp was where he enriched himself…at our expense.

Barack Obama is one of the worst thieves in American history. He blatantly robbed the US Government blind while in office to pay off is friends and, now that he is retired, they are all paying him back.

Well, Congresswoman Joni Ernst and Jason Chaffetz have had enough! Today they announced a new plan Obama is dreading.

Congress Hit Obama right where it hurts…HIS WALLET!

That’s right. The new bill they are looking to pass would deduct $1 for every $1 earned over $400,000 by a former President. Ex-Presidents currently get a life-long pension of $207,800-per-year.

Since Obama has been getting paid $400,000 per-speech by Wallstreet and $65 million for his book, that means his pension would basically go bye-bye.

Now, Obama had the opportunity to pass this act himself back in 2016. He decided not to since he is greedy and knew it was his turn to rob the American people next.

Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz told USA Today,

“The Obama hypocrisy on this issue is revealing. His veto was very self-serving.”

Yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking. This is just more proof that Barack Obama is not the man the media pretends like he was. Between this and the 30,000 unmaskings of Americans he did in 2016, this is all bad.

So let’s help the Congress share their plan out and comment “Take Him Down”

H/T: Liberty Writers



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