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IT’S HAPPENING!!! Donald Trump OFFICIALLY Considering Sarah Palin For MAJOR Role In His Cabinet

According to insider information, it appears that Trump is OFFICIALLY vetting Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for his administration. This is sure to please Conservatives, and further boosts Trump’s “Dream Team” lineup up all star Conservative pillars.

And United States veterans are going to love what he’s chosen her for.

According to reports, President Elect Trump is considering Gov Palin to be his secretary for Veterans Affairs.

The VA has been viciously criticized for letting down the men and women who have given everything to their country, and rightly so. Under Obama, it’s fallen into complete disrepair. It NEEDS someone who actually cares about the troops to bring it back into working order.

Sarah Palin loves our vets, so she’s just the one for the job.


According to TheBlaze, Trump was extremely critical of the VA on the campaign trail, calling the recent scandals in which patients died waiting for treatment at VA hospitals a “disgrace” and promising to make reforming the agency a priority for his administration. He also held a number of high profile fundraisers for veterans on the campaign trail, including a joint rally and fundraiser for veterans on the same night of the final pre-Iowa Republican caucuses debate, which Trump opted to skip when Fox News refused to remove Megyn Kelly as debate moderator.

After Trump won the nomination, he released a 10-point plan to reform the VA and repeatedly promised that taking care of veterans would be a top priority for his administration.


Palin was one of Trump’s earliest supporters and surrogates and frequently appeared on the trail with him in the early days of the campaign. But after a series of rocky appearances, including one in which she made derogatory remarks about popular Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), she appeared less and less frequently with or on behalf of Trump and virtually disappeared during the general election phase of the campaign. However, Trump’s willingness to consider her for a post that he made a top campaign priority signals that Trump has faith in Palin to turn around a troubled agency that has been a lightning rod for controversy for years.

If you sacrifice everything for your country, you deserve the best healthcare our country has to offer. That’s just common sense. It’s ridiculous to watch our veterans who have given so much, left by the wayside so Obama can pay for illegal alien’s healthcare.

Something needs to be done to fix this, and Sarah Palin is the one for the job. Please pray for President Elect Trump while he makes these difficult decisions on who will help him make this country great again.

What do you think? Do you support the possibility of Sarah Palin having a place in the Trump administration?

Let us know in the comments below!!

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