IT’S HAPPENING!! Donald Trump Announces Meeting With Sheriff Clarke!

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President-elect Donald Trump has announced plans to meet with America’s favorite Sheriff, David Clarke, to discuss a position in his cabinet.

Trump transition team officials confirmed that the president-elect will be meeting with the Sheriff on Monday to discuss the possibility of a position in Trump’s cabinet.

It’s currently thought that Trump is considering him to either be the head of the NSA, or Department of Homeland Security.


“The president elect meets with individuals who he believes he wants to hear their ideas, suggestions and opinions and then sometimes considers them for multiple potential positions,” Trump transition team’s Sean Spicer explained.

Sheriff Clarke has been a longtime supporter of Trump, speaking at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on his behalf. He is known for his strong support of the Second Amendment, his objectivity despite being a registered Democrat, and his vocal opposition to hate groups like Black Lives Matter. He’s been particularly outspoken against Black Lives Matter, calling them “a bunch of thugs, a bunch of creeps, criminals, [and] race-hustlers.”


“I think very fair in light of the anti-cop rhetoric that is sweeping the United States of America, fueled by this group, some of the vulgar, vile, vicious rhetoric coming out talking about killing cops,” Clarke said during an appearance on CNN. 

What do you think about this development? Do you support Trump choosing Sheriff Clarke for a position in his cabinet?

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