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GUILTY! Guess Who Smuggled Women and Children From Mexico Into The United States As Sex Slaves?

This is the strongest evidence yet that stringent border protection and walls are needed. A horrific case involving the trafficking of minors for sex and prostitution has been uncovered, and three-quarters of those that have pleaded guilty are Mexican citizens. The group has been bringing girls from Mexico (young girls) to new York and Georgia to be sold into the sex industry, they crossed the border illegally and have been actively engaged in doing so for some time.

But the bigger picture here is that this is the group that was caught. With heir incarceration, does the problem stop? Unfortunately not. They are just a very small element of the enormous crime network that spans the two nations. The criminals rely on “cheap life” in Mexico and willing customers in the US. And as long as they can operate with impunity, the trafficking of women and children will continue.

President Trump was absolutely right when he said we needed a Wall to protect America. If the Cartels can’t get hostage women and children into the US, they will stop collecting (kidnapping, buying) them, because they will have no outlet to sell to.

By hindering the wall, how many lives are going to be ruined? Not just by sex trafficking, but by drugs and criminal violence and gangs? Who will claim responsibility for allowing these terrible acts to happen?

The Wall will have a door. And at this door, guards. The US has always welcomed hard-working immigrants, and there is no reason for this to change, but by having a border in place, we can stop the flow of drugs and children for prostitution into the country, without stopping honest migrants.


No doubt you recall the furor caused by Mr. Trump suggesting during the campaign that the folks entering the U.S. illegally from Mexico included a bunch of criminals.

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The left recoiled in righteous anger at such provocative, xenophobic, and racist rhetoric. Of course, these wails of protest were based on the assumption that Mr. Trump was wrong about the illegals entering the country.

Eight men have just plead guilty to charges of sex trafficking. Note who these men are and where six of them are from. “Jovan Rendon-Reyes, 33, of Mexico; Saul Rendon-Reyes, 39, of Queens; Guillermina Rendon-Reyes, 46, of Mexico; Francisco Rendon-Reyes, 28, of Queens; Jose Rendon-Garcia, 34, of Mexico; Felix Rojas, 47, of Mexico; Odilon Martinez-Rojas, 45, of Mexico; and Severiano Martinez-Rojas, 52, of Mexico.” Score another one for President Trump.

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Obviously there are millions of Latinos in America who are law-abiding citizens, contributing greatly to our nation while enjoying the privilege of being Americans. But it should also be clear that those who are willing to break the law to enter the U.S. might be willing to break some other laws as well.

Brietbart reports that “[b]etween April 5 and April 21, 2017, all eight defendants pled guilty to, ‘charges of Racketeering involving predicate acts of sex trafficking by force, fraud, or coercion and sex trafficking of minors.’”

If you wish to examine the specifics it gets even worse. “Court records indicate the Rendon-Reyes Trafficking Organization recruited girls from Mexico and illegally smuggled them into the United States. Once in the country, the girls were trafficked into New York and Georgia where the defendants forced them into prostitution as sex slaves.”

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It would be one thing if this were an isolated instance. Tragically, it is a world-wide problem that is absolutely hideous in both its severity and prevalence. Yesterday is none to soon to attack this abominable practice, and those law enforcement officers who arrested these eight degenerates deserve all the accolades they receive.


It would be terrific if all those entering our country were law-abiding, peaceful individuals just desirous of making a better life for themselves and their families in America.

Until human nature or the facts on the ground change, aggressive policing of our borders is mandatory.

H/T: American Conservative Herald



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