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I Guess The Liberals Forgot That Obama Let A Real Estate Agent Advise Him Too. Let’s Remind Them.

With much media scorn, Ivanka Trump has begun her job at the White House as an adviser. And the liberals and MSM have gone wild. They can see no apparent reason why a successful real-estate business manager and company manager could offer assistance. But didn’t Obama have someone in that exact same position?

Valerie Jarrett was taken on as an advise to President Obama at a cost of almost $200,000 a year, The similarities in skill sets and wok experience between Jarrett and Ivanka are almost scarily similar. Yet one is lambasted by the media as having no relevant place in the White House, and the other is not.

This is pure anti-Trumpism. The media don’t want a successful person in the White House, they will conveniently forget history and rewrite it where needed.

Have a look at how similar the two women are, and see if you can come up with a reason oher than “never-Trump” for the media bias…


Like Ivanka, Jarrett had “no Washington experience.” From the NYT:

Chosen for: White House Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations and Public Liaison. Ms. Jarrett is also co-chairwoman of the Obama transition team.

Will bring to the job: Experience in negotiation, persuasion and conflict resolution; a long record of outreach to the African-American community; fierce, almost familial loyalty to Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, both of whom she has helped work through decisions and fix problems. No Washington experience.

Like Ivanka, Jarrett was a successful real estate executive. From Wikipedia:

Until joining the Obama administration, Jarrett was the CEO of the Habitat Company, a real estate development and management company,[13] which she joined in 1995. She has been replaced by Mark Segal, a lawyer who joined the company in 2002, as CEO. Daniel E. Levin is the chairman of Habitat, which was formed in 1971.[14] Jarrett was a member of the board of Chicago Stock Exchange (2000–2007, as chairman, 2004–2007).

Like Ivanka, Jarrett had as much influence with the president as the president’s wife. From the NYT:

Obama’s irritation grew. “Man, it’s late, I’m tired,” he snapped. “I’m not going to any sorority event.”

The three staff members knew what their only option was at this point. “If you want him to do something,” Gunn would later tell me, “there are two people he’s not going to say no to: Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama.”

Like Ivanka, Jarrett had Secret Service protection. From the Chicago Sun Times:

Sneed is told Jarrett brings her bodyguards everywhere . . . like shopping, the gym, restaurants and visiting friends in Chicago, the source added.

Like Ivanka, Jarrett vacationed with the president. From Politico:

She vacations with the first family in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard.


The hypocrisy in the media is more than just self-serving story promotion. It is an active attempt to collude with the Democrats in harming the current President. Unfortunately, the more harm they do the president, the more harm they do the county. Intentional, misleading news coverage is damaging to democracy and the reputation of the media. The hacks who are refusing to cover this story are not only damaging the Press Institution, but also the American people.



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