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He Got A Cute Girl’s Number Then Told Her That He’s Muslim. Her Response Made Me Stand Up And Cheer

A new video is storming the internet of a young woman telling a guy exactly what her opinions are on the regressive and oppressive practices that are carried out by Muslim males all over the world.

When we look at poverty and inequality in the world, one of the key components of societies that move from what used to called 3rd world countries to 1st world countries, is the equality of women. In nations where women are free and educated, economic growth follows closely behind.

The Left’s willful blindness to Islamic oppression is a disgrace to America. When third wave feminists decry every action of the American male, yet call for more and more Muslim immigration, they are importing the oppressive practices that have subjugated women for centuries. Not only are they hypocrites, but they are endangering women.

Until our politicians start demanding that migrants integrate properly into the American way of life, and demand of countries we do deals with to seriously look at their human rights activities, then we are propagating these regressive practices.

Guys have tried to pick up women since the beginning of time – that’s nothing new. The only thing that’s changed now is that some guys put their pickup lines on the internet in video form.

This one doesn’t quite work out in this guy’s favor, however.

He meets a girl and manages to get her number. After that, he tells her his name – Karim. It’s a Muslim name. Without skipping a beat, she tells him EXACTLY what she thinks of Muslim guys and how they traditionally treat their women.

(Source: YouTube)

While this would be seen by the left as an indicator of “Islamophobia” at work, nothing she says is wrong.

Many Islamic countries have countless human rights violations, actively oppress women, and routinely engage in honor killings and beheadings. It’s a backwards ideology that would scare off any freedom-loving woman with good reason.

They’re incompatible with Western values and the Constitution, and I applaud this young woman for walking away.

H/T: Yes I’m Right



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