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Germans Had Enough Of Muslim Migrants – 2 Bombs Just OBLITERATED A Mosque

In a bizarre turn of events, two Mosques in Germany have been bombed. It is yet unclear as to who the perpetrators are, whether they are Far-Right Extremists, Extreme Islamists of a different sect, or just plain criminals. What is clear is that some on German social media are not actually that unhappy with the events.

Germany has been in the midst of a crisis since Premiere Angela Merkel told the world’s migrants that “the doors are open”. The nation has been flooded with mostly males from a range of different countries; the European Union (EU) itself says that only 6 in 10 are likely to be actual “refugees”.



Since the opening of Europe’s borders, migrant crime has risen to an unprecedented level with cases of mass sexual assault, violence and terror attacks. Whilst Merkel remains reasonably secure in her position, Right leaning political groups such as AFD (Alternative for Deutschland), have been quick to capitalize on the troubles that are affecting the belabored nation.

Muslim integration is slow in coming and in some areas looks unlikely to ever appear. This newly created underclass is reminiscent of the welfare dependant “no-go zones” currently under much scrutiny in Sweden.

As many people are discovering, mass, unchecked immigration is wreaking havoc with not only native communities, but integrated migrant communities, too.


Legal Insurrection – Since the migrant crisis began last year, Germany has been struck by a wave of violence, crime and terror. German media, cheerleading the latest wave of mass-migrant right from the beginning, had been keen to suppress reports on violent crimes committed by migrants or foreigners. The lid, however, blew off when migrant gangs were sexually assaulted more than a thousand women on New Year’s Eve at Cologne central station — mostly comprising of men of Arab and North African origin.



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