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Liberal George Lopez Just Demanded America ‘Deport The Police’ – Now He’s Wishing He Never Opened His Big Mouth

Actor-comedian, George Lopez, has finally gone too far. His Anti-Trump tirades can be forgiven (it’s his opinion, same as anyone else); his chanting “F*** You P*to” is something that is protected under the First Amendment. But his latest diatribe has just too much. In response to President Trump’s immigration proposals, Lopez has put out an Instagram posts saying:”The Trump administration is deporting Latinos to make the streets safer…You wanna make the streets safer deport the police!”

Who does he think keeps him safe at night? Who guards his home and his rights as a free citizen? Not only is this hideously offensive to those who risk their lives day in day out to protect people like him and his family, it is also monumentally stupid and inaccurate.

Does Lopez really believe that if there were no police on the streets that society would be safer? Does he really believe that ALL police officers are engaged in committing crimes and “beating people”? Does he believe that the hundreds of thousands of Latinos that are attacked and robbed by other Latinos would be better off without the police to protect them, or arrest the attackers?

Let’s give George the benefit of the doubt and say that he doesn’t actually believe any of these idiocies. Let’s not assume that he is really that dumb. So what does that leave? That he is running down law enforcement officers for self-publicity. Nice guy, huh?

Perhaps the best way to preface this article regarding actor-comedian George Lopez’s rant disrespecting police officers is to send our heartfelt condolences to the family of police officer Miosotis Familia’s family. The young mother of 3 was assassinated in her police car early Wednesday morning for simply wearing the uniform. The unprovoked attack took place in the Bronx; Familia became the first officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year.

Which brings us back to Lopez sending a message to President Trump on Instagram regarding the president’s immigration policy posting; “The Trump administration is deporting Latinos to make the streets safer… You wanna make the streets safer deport the police.”

Ironically in the world of irreverent disparaging comedians like Lopez, O’Donnell, Griffin and others, who constantly use their talent to make flippant frivolous remarks to perhaps endear themselves to their fan base. However the stark reality last week took the life of another police officer, making the body count 9- of New York’s finest taken since 2007.

No doubt Lopez’s cool street-wise cracks plays well among his Latino followers, like those young gang members, attempting to gain a reputation by creating mayhem, except Lopez is a rich guy who worked hard to get where he is today, so why the shortcut?

Moreover, the former TV host doubled down on his anti-police rant saying: “This is not an indictment of all Law Enforcement, some still just beat you.”

Here is a choice clip of Lopez leading a chant about Trump: “F*ck that puto!”

Apparently, there was quite a push back and Lopez took the celebrity way out and set his Instagram account to private.

“This is a very irresponsible comment bro. You have really disappointed me bro, I thought you were better than that,” wrote one commenter, who claimed to be a police officer.

Another “fan” wrote: “Not cool @georgelopez. I’m Latina and I’ve been pulled over more than enough times for speeding. All but one cop were nice and respectful,” wrote another user. “I realize there are some bad apples in the bunch but your statement puts all cops in the bad bunch category. Please stick to comedy. You’re not that funny when you bring politics into your posts.”

Slain Police Officer Miosotis Familia was honored over the weekend by her comrades in blue, however, another rabid leftist Mayor Bill de Blasio was nowhere to be found, instead, he was in Germany demonstrating along with young anarchists, denouncing “Capitalism”…go figure.

H/T: US Herald



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