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GAME CHANGER: Trey Gowdy Just Sent Donald Trump A Message That’ll Have Him Cheering Like Crazy!

President Trump is looking for a new FBI Director. He has his official short list of 12 potential candidates and is putting out tentative feelers to see what kind of reaction the candidates give. One of the top candidates is South Carolina Congressman, Trey Gowdy.

Gowdy has been making waves recently with his high-profile “dismantling” of witnesses and experts. He uses intelligence and experience to destroy their dishonest arguments, whilst showing that he is a man of integrity.

But there is a larger picture to be seen. A country can never be run by one man (or woman) alone. A President needs reliable people in top jobs, not only to give advice on their areas of expertise, but also to manage the day to day running of enormous departments. What we have seen since Donald Trump’s inauguration, is a swathe of holdovers from the Obama Administration doing everything they can to undermine the very systems of government that keep us safe.

There have been leaks to the press, false spin put on innocuous decisions and even some official documents tampered with in an attempt to shut down process. Until President Trump can make a complete clean sweep of the functional Deep State operating through almost every level of government, he will spend most of his time firing high-profile names without removing the real cancer at the heart of American politics.


U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy has now officially received a call from Donald Trump asking whether he was interested in becoming the next director of the FBI.

According to Fits News, Gowdy has said “Yes.” Here is what Fox News had to say about it.


According to sources, the fourth-term congressman said that he was interested in the position. Obviously, this is not a job offer but it is the first step to getting the nation’s FBI post.

Gowdy is definitely in the running, and according to a source, “He’s on the official short list.” Gowdy is very qualified for the post and there is no denying that the Greenville, S.C. native has the skills to fix the FBI.


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